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Indoor Fires

Everything you need for that warm, cozy fire.

Whatever kind of fire you are making this winter, Zip has the right fire lighting product to help you get it lit quickly and with no fuss, even if your fuel is damp or hard to light!

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There is nothing quite like the crackle, flicker, and smell of an open fire to warm the heart on a cold day.

An open fire is the most traditional method of heating a home. Many old houses have fireplaces in the living room, but many new home owners are installing fireplaces for both ambience and heat.

Nothing beats the warm cozy feeling you get from an authentic wood fire. No matter what kind of wood you are burning, a couple of powerful Zip firestarters are all that you need to get any fire going, even if your fuel is damp or wet. Your fire will be roaring in no time at all!

For traditional or novice fire makers, Zip will help you easily and conveniently light your fire the first time, every time.

These Zip firestarter products are easy to use and perfect for an open fire:

Indoor Open Fires
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The new must-have heating mode for country cabins and urban abodes.

As fuel prices have skyrocketed, many homeowners have turned to wood burning or multi-fuel stoves as an alternative or supplementary source of heat for their homes. It is a cost-effective way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the rooms that are used the most.

The enclosed stove allows the fuel to burn slowly, and the metal housing gives off a lovely ambient warm heat. The glass-paned doors let you see the flames and protect your home from sparks.

As opposed to an open fire, wood burning or multi-fuel stoves require a slightly different lighting technique. Light the fire as you would for an open fire, but remember to leave the door open for a couple of minutes to allow enough air into the chamber before closing and letting the fire burn away.

These Zip fire starter products are easy to use and perfect for wood burning stoves are:

Indoor Wood Burning Stoves
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