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Camping and Outdoor Fires

Zip has just the thing for every outdoor fire occasion.

From spur of the moment warm weather grill-outs to fire pits and toasting marshmallows on your family camping trip, Zip has all the products to help get your food sizzling or keep your toes toasty.

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The smell of Bonfires – love it or hate it?

It is so satisfying to watch it all burn down to ashes in a matter of minutes. Lighting a bonfire can be hazardous and needs to be undertaken with care, so only the items that you want burnt go up in smoke! Zip have a range of products to help you light your bonfire in a safe and controlled way, as well as being very powerful so you can easily light most wood and garden refuge.

For hints and tips on keeping your ventolin inhalers online usa neighbours as friends when lighting a bonfire – click here.

The Zip firestarting products that are ideal safely lighting your bonfire are:

Outdoor Bonfire
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Rain or shine, it's always grilling time! Make the most of summer with easy-to-light grills that cook tasty food that is great for sharing.

After a long cold winter, that warm sun and bright blue sky just makes you want to be outside. Summer just isn't summer without grilling – rain or shine.

Grilling is as much about socializing, sharing, and eating food with friends and family as it is about lighting your grill. That's why Zip makes a great selection of firestarters and charcoal to make lighting your grill quick and easy – even for the professional grilling dads who have it down to an art form.

The best Zip firestarter products to make your sausages sizzle are:

Outdoor Grilling
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Feel warm on chilli summer nights.

Enjoy the warmth and heat of an outdoor fire… even on the coolest of summer evenings. Fire pits, fire bowls, and chimineas are ideal for entertaining, backyard parties, or just relaxing at the end of a busy day. They make your yard cozy and produce a large amount of heat.

Depending on the model of fire pit or chiminea, you can burn almost anything, but to be safe we recommend that you burn Zip fire logs that don’t need paper, kindling, or chopped wood to light.  If you prefer to use your own wood, just use 2 or 3 Zip firestarters placed underneath your logs and light! Zip firestarters will light even the dampest wood from the bottom of the stack.

Zip's latest products - Natural Firestarter Cubes, Grill Starter Cubes and the S'morezy roasting log will make your time round the fire even better!

The best Zip fire lighting products for keeping you warm outside are:

Firepits and Chimineas
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Let Zip help you get your campfire going fast!

Let’s face it, the main event of any camping trip is the campfire. Whether you’re making it, telling stories around it, cooking on it, keeping warm with it, making delicious s’mores with it…. The list goes on! There aren’t many things in life which beat the cozy glow of the wood as it crackles away before you after a long day of outdoor adventures.

Here at Zip, we know that making the campfire can be an enjoyable ritual to be enjoyed with friends and family…  Zip offers many reliable firestarting solutions which allow you to Zip to the good bit...... having fun around your fire with your loved ones!

The Zip Firestarting products that are perfect to get your campfire going are:

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